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    State at a Glance

    Madhya Pradesh with an area of 3,08,245 sq.km. is the second largest state in India. It is located in Central India. The state is bound on the north by Uttar Pradesh, the east by Chhattisgarh, the south by Maharashtra and the west by Gujarat and Rajasthan.

    Total population of Madhya Pradesh as per 2011 census is 7.27 crore, of which male and female are 3.76 crore and 3.51 crore respectively. The scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes constitute a significant portion of the population of the State and constituting 15.54% and 21.04% of the total population respectively.

    Hindi is the official language of Madhya Pradesh and it is the widely spoken. Apart from Hindi, the languages of Bundeli, Bagheli, Nimari, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, and Malwi are the commonly spoken regional dialects. There are several other dialects which are spoken.

    According to the census of 2011, 90.9% of the state residents followed Hinduism, while others are Muslim (6.6%), Jain (0.8%), Buddhists (0.3%), Christians (0.3%), and Sikhs (0.2%).

    Agriculture is the main source of livelihood of a large number of the people in the state. Soyabean, Wheat, Paddy, Jowar, Maize, Gram, Mustard, Tuar etc. are the main crops of the state. Narmada, Tapti, Chambal, Betwa, Shipra, Tawa, Ken, Sone, Penchrivers originate from the state.

    Geographical Features
    Total Population in crore
    as per Census 2011
    Rural Population (cr.) 5.25
    Urban Population (cr.) 2.02
    Male (cr.) 3.76
    Female (cr.) 3.51
    Scheduled Castes (cr.) 1.13
    Scheduled Tribes (cr.) 1.53
    Sex Ratio 931
    Density/km2 236
    Area(Km2) 3,08,245
    Literacy 70.6%

    Map of Madhya Pradesh

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    Administrative Features
    No. of Districts 52
    No. of Division 10
    No. of Villages 54903
    No. of Gram Panchayats 23043
    No. of Block/Janpad Panchayats 313
    No. of Tehsils 369
    Total no. of Households (cr.) 1.49
    Rural Households (cr.) 1.11

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